Tips for level 125 Candy Crush Saga

 By BrunettBella .
I passed it, I looked everywhere for help but nothing. 
So I decided I will help. 
Try the following:

1.     Try to open up the sides or bottom on every move.

2.     Try to get about 3 combos, I made 2 of the wrapped candy and striped candy and 1 of the disco ball and stripe combo

3.     Cool tip - when u get a chance to swap a stripe with disco bomb DON'T do it right away. 
Finish as many combinations as you can so that you can get most number of the candies possible in the colour of the stripy candy.
Then you make the swap. This will help you get rid of most of the lines after. 

4. try to kill the TOP 2 corners 

Hope this helps. Don't give up. I played every day for 2 weeks and finally finished the level with the highest score :)


Angela McLamb said...

Thank you for deciding to help I was on the right path I was doing the same as you but your advise help me see the places I need to rethink. So I'm bout to head back in and try it again. Thanks again

Anonymous said...

How do you swap?

Maria Slone said...

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Nancy Faircloth said...

the top corners are killing me

Nixtar said...

Thanks for your advice, I've been doing this for the past 2 days. Now I'm so bored with it. I read somewhere the other week an analysis on Candy Crush versus other games. It turns out this is more of a "money game" and less of a "skill game". Sure there is some skill required but everyone who plays this super addictive game knows that a lot of it comes down to what board you're dished out at the beginning of each game, which will determine your chances of either winning or losing that particular level. Good luck guys! A couple more days of level 125 and I'll have to cut the addiction and get back to life. ;)

DensC said...

Make it a higher priority to go for the harder to hit places, like the top corners.
Also, as mentioned by the author - try to save the disco bomb so that you can pair it with a striped candy.
If you have enough candies of the same color as the striped candy on the board, this alone can help you take out most of the board for you at one swipe.
Finally, if you suck at this game, and kept on getting stuck - learn how others leveled up quickly in Candy Crush here.

Karen said...

Have tried every trick and suggestion and after 6 weeks I still can't win. Ready to give up. Love the challenge but this one is just too much. Looking for a replacement.

Anonymous said...

It's hopeless. I've tried all the tricks. You have to get the right candies to make the special ones. It's a bummer.

Anonymous said...

I am officially done with candy crush- because I cant get past this level ! and I refuse to pay !!!

Anonymous said...

I quit too have been playing this level for weeks such a pity was enjoying playing till I hit this level. Have got it down to one or two moves but there is never a match and once your clear most of the board the moves are always no where near where you need them. Its rigged so you pay

Anonymous said...

Why did I clear this level 125, with enough points, to only have to do it again!!!! Now needing 145,000 points?

Anonymous said...

This is by far the hardest level so far! I have used all of the tips and when I finally get down to two jellies and could possibly lollipop hammers from the booster wheel I a.) run out of moves or b.) Odus falls off his perch. I managed to get through all 545 levels of Candy Crush so you would think this would be easy by comparison. Not! I agree that working the sides and bottom is best. During the Moonstruck phase, I hold my breath and pray for a chocolate bomb. If I'm lucky enough to get one, I try to get a stripe to pair with it. Alas, that is few and far between. If they added 5 more moves to this level, I think it would be a bit easier. I refuse to pay for boosters!